Tv antenna KNS 60 cm new installation
Νέα δορυφορική κεραία TV από την KNS με 60 cm κάτοπτρο, που καλύπτει απόλυτα τις νέες απαιτήσεις του NOVA και COSMOTE TV για τον Ελλαδικό χώρο.Ενσωματωμένο tuner DVB-S2 για λήψη και αναγνώριση δορυφορικών εκπομπών DVB-S2 και DVB-S


Automatic Satellite Search & Skew Control
Accurate Signal Acquisition by KNS’s Distinctive Algorithm
Pre-programmed Satellite Database
Editable 80 satellite data
Antenna Control Unit
DiSEqC 1.2 function
CE (EN60945) Satisfied
True 3 Axis


Dish Diameter 61cm(24”)
Antenna Dimension 85cm(D) x 84cm(H)
Antenna Weight 38 Kg
Radome Material Honeycomb FRP
Frequency 10.75 ~ 12.75 GHz
Antenna Gain Minimum EIRP: 46dBW
Operating Platform 3 – Axis
LNB Quad / Quattro LNB(optional)
Skew Control Automatic
Elevation Angle -10˚ to +95˚
Azimuth Range 640˚
Cross Angle ± 35˚
Ship Motion Roll : ±20˚ at 8-12 sec periods
Pitch : ±10˚ at 6-12 sec periods
Yaw : ±8˚ at 15-20 sec periods
Tracking Speed More than 90˚/sec
Vibration Damper Rubber Damper included
Temperature -20˚C to +55˚C
Humidity Up to 100% @ 40˚C
Antenna Input Power 24V DC, 4.17A


ACU Size 253 x 175 x 44 cm
Gyro Interface NMEA 0183
Input Power 100 – 240V AC, 50/60Hz, 2.8A
Output Power 24V DC, 4.17A
External I/O Mini-USB


Size 95 x 95 x 115 cm
Gross Weight 65kg
Packed by Paper Carton
Certification/ Qualification


KNS offers 2-year parts, 1-year onboard labour warranty for the SuperTrack S-Series


We are serious about our professional services and business. We strive to provide the highest level of support and products. KNS Inc will support its SuperTrack S-Series products with an exclusive TWO (2) YEAR, 100% Warranty on PARTS from KNS, and a ONE (1) YEAR Warranty on LABOR from Authorized Dealer (Seller).